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South County Outreach Highlights Debby Thrailkill – A Case For Kids

In a world where acts of kindness can truly change lives, Debby Thrailkill, a long-time supporter and former board member of South County Outreach, shines as a beacon of compassion and philanthropy. Recently, her venture, ‘A Case for Kids,’ was featured in an article by the Dana Point Times, highlighting her work in Orange County. The article, which you can read here, captures the essence of her mission.

‘A Case for Kids’ is a philanthropic organization that fills suitcases with toys, clothes, and essential items for children in Orange County’s foster care system. These suitcases not only provide the basic necessities these children often lack but also deliver a message of love and support. Debby works to make sure that every child in need feels cared for and cherished. With her dedication, she’s transforming the lives of young souls and offering them a glimmer of hope in their challenging journeys through foster care. Her efforts, featured in the Dana Point Times, serve as a reminder that a single individual’s determination and kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity in our community.

If you’d like to get involved or support ‘A Case for Kids,’ don’t hesitate to reach out to this organization and be a part of their mission. For more information on how to donate email

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